Independent Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs ONLINE Business Expo

The following announcement was posted to a number of American Council Of The Blind email lists by Independent Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs, a special interest affiliate of the American Council Of The Blind. IVIE, and groups like it, are a great way to get to know blind business owners who are happy to share their experience to help your business succeed.

IVIE is offering the following opportunity to business owners/entrepreneurs. If you join in our Online Business Expo, you can describe your products and services. Besides giving a presentation on your products/services, you can pass on contact info and allow time for questions. IVIE members would pay $10 for a half hour  session or $20 for an hour. If you are not an IVIE member, you would pay $25 for a half hour session or $35 for an hour. Nonmembers would have the option of having $15 of the payment used to pay IVIE dues.

The Zoom line would be the same for all those participating. The date and time line would be November 12 from 11:45 am Eastern to 6 pm Eastern or later. At 11:45 am, an introduction of all the vendors participating with their specific time slots would be given along with instructions for those attending. A wrap-up at the end of the presentations would be available for anyone to ask any final questions of those exhibiting online.

For those wishing to purchase a time slot or ask questions, send an email to [email protected] with your request to present/exhibit. Please send your business name, product line, your telephone number, and your email address. You will be sent a link for payment and additional information. If you wish to attend the IVIE Online Business Expo, there is no cost. However, please send an email to register so we can send you the Zoom call details. Send the email request to [email protected] or contact Ardis Bazyn, phone 818-238-9321.


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