The following article was written by Penny Forward board member Les Kriegler and published in the Spring, 2022 edition of Insight: The Voice of
The American Council of the Blind of New York, Inc. Visit their web site at to learn more.

Have you ever wondered where your money goes every month? Have you ever used a budget or have you ever created one? Does investing in the stock market scare you because of the sharp swings in stock prices? Penny Forward is here to help.
Penny Forward was created by Chris Peterson who resides in Minnesota. Mr. Peterson, who is blind, believes that all of us who are blind or visually challenged should have access to Financial Education and support. This writer is unaware of these services being offered in a formalized and structured manner until now.
Service delivery is done via a web site, A variety of podcasts have been created. In addition, since launch in March of this year, courses have been developed related to taxes and issues related to credit. Additional courses are planned related to budgeting and investing. An 800 number is also available for individual consultation.
The courses are self-paced and are offered on-line on the Penny Forward web site. These offerings are available via a subscription service. One can pay monthly at a cost of $9 or pay an annual subscription which costs $99. A quiz is provided at the end of each session of a given course. No worries, however. If you need to retake the quiz, you can do so. The idea is that the material is learned and understood. So retakes of any given quiz are encouraged. A monthly chat is also available via Zoom or by phone with Mr. Peterson. Topics are determined by the participants.
I wish a service like this had been available when I started my financial journey as a much younger gentleman! It had to be done on my own without assistance, especially as it related to finding available resources. I suspect you have found yourselves in the same boat. Penny Forward is a company which is changing this. You can go over to and explore their offerings. If you like what you see, you can sign up and subscribe to their service.


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