EMPOWER VI Mentoring Program

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The Empowering Youth with Visual Impairment team is recruiting for adult Mentors with visual impairment and high school (junior or senior) student Mentees with visual impairment for their EMPOWER VI Mentoring program. Mentoring from adults with visual impairment can provide a supportive bridge for transition-aged youth with visual impairment, helping them build confidence, skills, and a path toward a successful future. With guidance and support from EMPOWER staff, Mentors with visual impairments can draw upon their lived experiences and expertise to encourage Mentees with visual impairments to successfully navigate their postsecondary goals.

More information can be found on their website: Mentorship (empowervi.org)

Please share this information with any of your networks. They are looking for volunteer adult mentors with visual barriers to support volunteer juniors or seniors in high school with visual barriers in a virtual mentoring platform. They could really use help with connecting with potential Mentees (high school students).

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